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Lizzy Phoenix

My Story

In January 2018 I decided to take a break from the corporate world to travel as much as possible and invest time and money into building my own brand as a freelance artist and prop maker.
I originally studied Art & 3D Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Kent. Personal circumstances forced me on a different path where I established a successful (20 year) career in Ecommerce, Digital Marketing and Project and Event Management. I channelled my creativity into web design, digital marketing campaigns, charity projects and event stand creation/design. I found that I was a natural leader and influencer which served me well in projects, training and events. 
This past year my solo travels have taken me to Europe, Ireland & the USA where I spent 3 months driving from the East to West coast and back. Most notably I drove Historic Route 66 from Chicago to California.
After completing 4 Art Department courses at Pinewood Studios and building my own workshop I have begun a successful career in the movie industry and have had the pleasure of working with the most amazing crew of artists and creatives. 


Experience & Skills

2022 Netflix

Heart of Stone (JPM)

2021 WB

Wonka (JPM)

2020 Disney

Little Mermaid (TPM)


TPM - Trainee Prop Modeller

JPM - Junior Prop Modeller


Sculpting and Modelling

Silicone Mould Making

Fast Casting & Painting

Poly Carving & Coatings

Fibre Glass Mould Making

Foam Rubber Casting

Plaster Mould Making

Latex Casting

Paint Effects

Cake Sculpting



Dress Making




Chop Saw

Table Saw


Framing and Dry Wall

Cabinet Building






Power Tools


Lotus Cut and Light Burn
Windows & Macbook OS
Photoshop & Corel Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Premiere Editing Suite
Word Press & Wix Web Design
MS Movie Maker
MS Office Suite
MS Ecommerce Server
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Movie/TV Projects



Miniature Model Making

Leigh & Lauren Took

Work together with a small team to create and shoot a scaled miniature

Course Summary

Design & scaling

Moulding & casting

Texture stamps

Making and dressing foliage (depending on the model)


Organic surface textures (eg rock faces)

Architectural surfaces (eg roof tiles, brickwork)

Practical lighting


Prop Making Essentials,
Soft Props & Breakaways

Leigh & Lauren Took

Introduction to a variety of techniques used in prop-making. How to create, finish and when to use soft and breakaway props for the screen industry.

Course Summary

Introduction to prop making 

Sculpting tools, materials & techniques

Silicone mould making

Casting in resin

Painting and art working

Foam rubber casting

Artworking & finishing off

Photographing props for portfolio

When to use soft props & breakaways

Sugar glass casting

Overview of materials & suppliers


Art Dept. Essentials

Ray Stanley &
Terry Ackland-Snow

An introductory level master course looking all facets of  the Art Department in top level Film making.

Course Summary

Roles & terminology

The concept – overall vision  

The script – set/prop breakdown/sfx

The Camera – angles, ratios and lenses 

Visualisation & storyboarding  

Researching, Sourcing Props & Set Dressing

Surveying  Draughtsmanship – Styles & Scales

Sketching & Set Layout

Working on a Pottery Wheel

Art & 3D Design

University for the Creative Arts
Rochester, Kent

National Diploma course covering all aspects of art and 3D design

Course Summary

Illustration & Life drawing

Clay Sculpting & building techniques

Research & Design

Pottery Wheel techniques

Glazing formulas & techniques

Kiln Building & Firing

Computer Graphics Tools

Work Placement

Teaching clay sculpting to partially sighted & blind adult students

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