Lizzy Phoenix

My Story

In January 2018 I decided to take a break from the corporate world to travel as much as possible and invest time and money into building my own brand as a freelance artist and prop maker.
I originally studied Art & 3D Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Kent. Personal circumstances forced me on a different path where I established a successful (20 year) career in Ecommerce, Digital Marketing and Project and Event Management. I channelled my creativity into web design, digital marketing campaigns, charity projects and event stand creation/design. I found that I was a natural leader and influencer which served me well in projects, training and events. 
This past year my solo travels have taken me to Europe, Ireland & the USA where I spent 3 months driving from the East to West coast and back. Most notably I drove Historic Route 66 from Chicago to California.
Now… after 4 Art Department courses at Pinewood Studios and my own workshop up and running, I feel excited for the next adventure.


Experience & Skills


Sculpting and Modelling
Silicone Mould Making
Fast Casting & Painting
Poly Carving & Coatings
Fibre Glass Mould Making
Foam Rubber Casting
Plaster Mould Making
Latex Casting
Paint Effects
Cake & Icing sculpting & modelling


Drilling & Routing
Sawing (manual and electric)
Framing and Dry Wall
Cabinet Building & Panelling
Power Tools


Windows & Macbook OS
Photoshop & Corel Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Premiere Editing Suite
Word Press & Wix Web Design
MS Movie Maker
MS Office Suite
MS Ecommerce Server
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter




Miniature Model Making

Leigh & Lauren Took

Work together with a small team to create and shoot a scaled miniature

Course Summary

Design & scaling

Moulding & casting

Texture stamps

Making and dressing foliage (depending on the model)


Organic surface textures (eg rock faces)

Architectural surfaces (eg roof tiles, brickwork)

Practical lighting


Prop Making Essentials,
Soft Props & Breakaways

Leigh & Lauren Took

Introduction to a variety of techniques used in prop-making. How to create, finish and when to use soft and breakaway props for the screen industry.

Course Summary

Introduction to prop making 

Sculpting tools, materials & techniques

Silicone mould making

Casting in resin

Painting and art working

Foam rubber casting

Artworking & finishing off

Photographing props for portfolio

When to use soft props & breakaways

Sugar glass casting

Overview of materials & suppliers


Art Dept. Essentials

Ray Stanley &
Terry Ackland-Snow

An introductory level master course looking all facets of  the Art Department in top level Film making.

Course Summary

Roles & terminology

The concept – overall vision  

The script – set/prop breakdown/sfx

The Camera – angles, ratios and lenses 

Visualisation & storyboarding  

Researching, Sourcing Props & Set Dressing

Surveying  Draughtsmanship – Styles & Scales

Sketching & Set Layout

Working on a Pottery Wheel

Art & 3D Design

University for the Creative Arts
Rochester, Kent

National Diploma course covering all aspects of art and 3D design

Course Summary

Illustration & Life drawing

Clay Sculpting & building techniques

Research & Design

Pottery Wheel techniques

Glazing formulas & techniques

Kiln Building & Firing

Computer Graphics Tools

Work Placement

Teaching clay sculpting to partially sighted & blind adult students